Professions of a mother

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Esta es la entrada más leída con mucha diferencia. Así que le he pedido a mi hermano Marcos que me la traduzca al inglés. Aquí os la dejo:

A few years ago I discovered a book that cautivated me and  that I am now re-reading: “Gilbert K. Chesterton. women and family”. A selection of Chesterton´s texts by José R. Ayllón.

When I saw it I was pretty convinced I will like it, as I love both Chesterton and Ayllón as writers.

I want today to copy some paragraphs from a chapter, in case you decide to buy the book, the chapter´s title is “Tortured women”. I do not like the title. I would have called it “Professions of a mother”, but it´s content is great.

“At her home, a woman can be a decorator, story teller, fashion designer, cooking expert, teacher… more than a profession what she develops is twenty hobbies and all its skills. That is why she does not become rigid and narrow minded but creative and free.”

“It is Nature itself that surrounds women with very young children who need to be taught, not anything but everything. Babies do not need to learn a job but to be presented to a whole world”

“Because to decide and organize almost everything; to be a minister of economy who invests and buys clothes, books, sheets and cakes; to be Aristotle who teaches logic, ethics, good manners and hygiene… all of this can leave a person exhausted, what I cannot imagine is how it could turn her into a limited and narrow minded one.”

“ The shortest way to summarize my position is to say that women represent the idea of mental health, the intellectual home to which the mind must come back after each ramble through the extravagance.”

“That is how women are and their profession is generous, dangerous and romantic. Her burden is heavy but humanity has thought that it was worth it to through this weight over women to keep common sense in the World.”

I guess these ideas will not please feminist neither sexists. There are very generous men and very selfish women too. But those who take care of looking after their homes and their people, be men or women, need generosity.


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